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2022 Tesla Model X Plaid Rental

YES, it’s TRUE… this really is THE $150k + 2022 Tesla Model X PLAID, here on Turo!

– TriMotor w/ carbon-sleeved rotors rated at 1,020 hp & 1,050 lb-ft combined
– Supposedly 0-60 MPH in 2.7 Seconds
– Supposedly runs the 1/4mi in 9.8 seconds @ 146 mph
– approx 330 miles of range depending on driving style
– AutoPilot / Full Self Drive(FSD) paid for so hopefully the BETA soon!
– etc … basically, we didn’t spare any expenses purchasing this PLAID, except for the wheels & paint because we will be upgrading them soon anyways

Benefits of this Plaid:
– FREE PICKUP within a 30min drive from vehicle location(near Luke AFB)
– Various Entertainment Apps including YouTubeTV, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc
– DISCOUNTS available 😊

MORE pics coming soon!!!

Please text me, (650) 918-9077 if you ever have any questions about this vehicle / listing / etc.

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